Welcome to Little Buzzers Preschool!

Little Buzzers Preschool, located in east Denpasar, Bali, is the perfect place for your child to play, learn and develop skills while having fun. We accept students from 3-6 years of age.

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Be who you are and say what you feel, little buzzers

What's Up Lil' Buzzers?

Show time little buzzer

Kiddy Showtime

We take pride in our students’ raw natural talents and skills as we believe that performing at school boosts their self confiden...
Field Trip LB

Fun Field Trips!

At our school, we encourage students and parents to join Field Trips around the area, as they are important to help bridge the gap...
Warm Up

Warm Up Activity

We make sure that we set up the students’ good mood and positive vibes for each day’s lesson by doing warm up or tuning in act...