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Toddler v1

Level Toddler

Starting from 2-3 years. We are fully aware that the age of preschool children is an important period and must be handled properly. Why? Because this plays a big role in the physical and mental development of children. In the Toddler class, children learn to socialize and adapt to their surroundings. Children also participate in interesting activities such as dancing and singing.

Playgroup v1

Level Playgroup

Starting from 3-4 years. After children get used to socializing with peers and teachers at school, children are trained to develop their motor, cognitive, social and emotional potential. We help children in Playgroup Class develop their language skills and get them used to holding pencils through coloring activities.

Kindy A v1

Level Kindy A

Starting from 4-5 years. We started training the children in Kindy A to recognize the sounds of letters in both English and Indonesian, write and count. In this class we also train children to make basic skills, such as drawing, cutting and pasting.

Kindy B v1

Level Kindy B

Starting from 5-6 years. Children in Class Kindy B begin to recognize words and sentences, add, group numbers, subtract numbers and prepare for elementary school. At this level we further hone the fine and gross motor skills of our children.

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    Advantages of Studying at Little Buzzers Preschool

    Why Choose Us?​

    We are professional and highly dedicated teaching staff. Our teachers are graduates of English Teacher education who are experienced in teaching, which we train to be able to speak 2 languages ​​(bilingual) which makes it easier for students to understand lessons well. We also use foreign teachers who can speak Indonesian well.

    Fun and family oriented environment
    Well-trained Local and International Teachers
    English books and various learning tools
    Teaching in English or Indonesian

    Montessori-inspired learning